Sell My Multifamily Residential Building in Chicago IL

Sell My Chicago Multi Family Building Fast
We Buy MDU’s For Cash

we buy multifamily residential buildings in Chicago Illinois - I Buy IL
Chicago & Commercial Real Estate Market of Multi Dwellings.

Get An Offer Today On Your Multidwelling Property!

Cash Buyers Of Chicago Multi-Family Buildings

If you find yourself thinking that I need to sell my Multifamily Residential Building in Chicago IL, you are in luck!

It’s a bit specialized, but it is part of what we do!

If you need to sell your MDU (Multifamily Dwelling Unit) quickly, then you should consider using a company like ourselves – I Buy IL – Multifamily Dwelling Buyer

Just search for We Buy MDU Near Me to find us on the web.

Sell A Chicago Apartment Building Stress Free!

We are local real estate investors who can buy multi-dwelling houses with our own money – cash!

If you are thinking, How can I sell my Chicago MDU? You need to speak to us regardless of your situation!

We are always on the lookout for multi family homes to buy.

The process is easy & hassle-free with our team.

We are independent buyers.

We are not tied to a bank or a mortgage for our money.

If required, we can buy multifamily dwellings within a week (yes! 7 days) so you can get a quick home sale with us.

We offer fair prices when buying.

A cash offer and a fair offer from a trusted and established Chicago local MDU buyer.

You will pay no fees or charges – the cash offer we quote is what you walk away with.

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We Can Buy Your Multifamily Dwelling – Fast & Hassle Free

We purchase in As-Is condition.

This means there is no need for any repairs to the unit.

No need to redecorate.

No need to replace broken things or repair any issues.

Sell the dwelling the easy way!

Get the ball rolling. Your MDU could be gone in a week!

If you have an ugly residential multi-dwelling that also needs repairs, we do not care.

Facing Foreclosure Issues On Your Multi-Dwelling?

Are you facing any foreclosure issues with your multihome unit?

Mortgage issue?


If you need foreclosure help on your apartment unit, we might be able to assist.

Our real estate investors service wants to help you with a cash offer no matter what!

Sell My Multifamily Residential Building in Chicago IL - IBUYIL

Unwanted Multi-Family Residential Unit in Chicago?

Sell It Fast For Cash The Simple Way – The I Buy Il Way…

Do you have an unwanted multifamily unit?

Is it something you no longer want?

What is needed to sell that?

If you want to go ahead, we need some simple and basic information, and we can make you a quick cash offer on your real estate today.

We do this daily.

Just fill out the form with your address/Zip Code, and we can give you a fair cash offer with absolutely no obligation!

You like the offer and accept it, and we get started.

You don’t like the offer. You walk away with no hard feelings!

It really is that simple!

Are Your Tenants Causing You Issues?

Are you facing or going through issues getting rent from your occupants?

This can be a very tough time, but we can take away some pain and hassle.

Let us purchase it! – By taking over the multi dwelling home, we can quickly get you out from under the property – we can be your buyer.

We buy MDU’s across Chicago with our own money.

You can then reinvest or walk away – wherever suits you!

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We Are Trusted & Established Cash Buyers Of Mutli-Dwelings (MDU)
Unwanted Rental Or Troublesome Tenants In Your House?

Do you have a rented multi occupied house?

Do you have troublesome tenants?

Is it a rentable unit with no tenants that is sitting empty?

We don’t care – we purchase properties like this frequently.

You may have rented out this house for some time, but it now has become a burdensome rental.

If so, we could remove the hassle from it from you.

If you want to be out within a week, that is certainly an option.

If you need a buyer – get an offer from us within 24 hours & the sale could follow in a week!

Selling Stress-Free:

No Hassle – No Fees – No Commissions – No Costs

Selling a multifamily dwelling is one of the most stressful things you can get involved in.

This does not need to be the case.

As a local house buyer and a Chicago real estate investor, we can give money for your MFU in a week.

Just cash and no fees or commissions to pay!

What we quote is what you get and walk away with!

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We Buy Multi-Family Residences Needing Repairs In Whatever Condition

Selling can be hard at the best of times.

This is made even harder if it is what is termed an ugly house – a house that is unappealing.

This may be due to the condition it is in.

It may be old and tired, or it may just need repairs and renovation.

The repairs can be superficial, such as it needs painting new carpets, or it can be the other end of the spectrum and need structural repairs e.g., a new roof, underpinning, etc.

Your multi-dwelling apartment may have code violations against it that are causing financial anxiety or may not even be viable for you to conform to.

This is all well and good if you have the time and the money to update and repair the apartment building, ready to sell, but many people won’t have either the time or the money and need the sale quickly.

A fast cash solution is what’s needed!

This is where we can help and be the only buyer you need.

Get an offer for your unit in as-is condition, no matter what that is!

Traditional Sales Take Months! Ours Take Days!

All Multi Dwelling Houses Considered!

Selling the traditional way can take months and will cost you in fees, commissions, and costs.

Not to mention all the hassle and stress involved in showing people around your property.

All types of multi-dwelling houses are considered, no matter their size or condition.

If you have a particular sell-by date that you need to meet, which may be your only option, then we can work to that.

We have dealt with many slim deadlines before!

multi dwelling unit in Chicago in a leafy suburb - I Buy IL taken picture

We Are Local Real Estate Investors

That Know This Area Inside Out

We are not a real estate agent.

We are, in fact, a real estate investor.

We are based in Chicago, Illinois.

Using our own money, we can give you a fair price for your property all in, so no closing costs or fees need to be considered.

We quote the sale price with nothing to be deducted from it.

Closing on a cash home is easy.

Need to sell fast? – We only need to know a bit about your dwelling – an address and Zip code, and our company will do the rest.

With us, as the buyer, there is no waiting for all the red tape to be completed. Sell my MDU fast!

It is a quick and clean process carried out by us – a local firm – I Buy IL

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We Buy Multifamily Units Differently!
A Quick Sale Is Possible With Us!

We work differently – There is no stress or fees when you deal with us!

Just a straightforward cash offer hassle-free, enabling you to sell faster than any other method we know!

So, what do you actually need? – Us!

This is so easy. You need to call us at 312 584 2960 or fill in the form below to get a fast cash offer on your house.

Fill out the form below with your address.
Let us make you a fast, fair cash offer – we buy multifamily residential units.

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We are not a real estate agent. We are real estate investors who can give you a fair all-cash offer for your MD Unit.

Let us be your quick buyer!

We buy for cash. We close in as little as 7 days.

No closing costs and without fees.

We pride ourselves as problem solvers.

Get an offer for your multi-dwelling within 24 hours. 


References, Further Reading & Watching:

Here are some facts and figures about multifamily residential units in Chicago, Illinois:

  • There are over 1 million multifamily residential units in Chicago, accounting for about 60% of the city’s housing stock.
  • The average rent for a multifamily unit in Chicago is $1,500 per month.
  • The most expensive neighborhoods for multifamily housing in Chicago are Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and River North.
  • The least expensive neighborhoods for multifamily housing in Chicago are Garfield Park, Englewood, and West Garfield Park.
  • The growth of multifamily housing in Chicago has been driven by a number of factors, including the city’s strong job market, its growing population, and its relatively affordable housing costs.
  • The city has also implemented a number of policies to encourage the development of multifamily housing, such as zoning changes and tax breaks.

Here are some additional details about the multifamily housing market in Chicago:

  • The number of multifamily units in Chicago has increased by about 10% over the past five years.
  • The demand for multifamily housing is expected to continue to grow in the coming years due to the city’s strong job market and its growing population.
  • The city is working to increase the supply of affordable multifamily housing by providing financial assistance to developers and by building more public housing units.

City of Chicago – Housing

Chicago | Plainfield | Cicero

Lombard | Oak Lawn | Evergreen Park | Bolingbrook 

Villa Park

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