Understanding the Cost of Cleaning a Hoarder’s House – Our Simple Guide

Cleaning a hoarder’s house can be an overwhelming task.

It requires careful planning, professional expertise, and a considerate approach toward the individuals involved.

In this article, we will delve deep into the cost components, the process, and the professionals involved in a cleanup service and cleaning a hoarder’s home.

Assessing the Scope of Cleaning

The first step to understanding the cost of cleaning a hoarder’s house involves assessing the magnitude of the task.

Every hoarding situation is unique, with varying levels of accumulated items and possible structural damage to the property.

This assessment helps in determining the manpower and resources required and, in turn, the cost involved.

The Costs: Factors at Play

Several elements contribute to the overall cost of cleaning a hoarder’s house.

Labor Expenses

The cleaning process is labor-intensive. It often requires a team of professionals to sort, remove, and dispose of items. Moreover, extreme hoarding cases might require additional assistance from mental health professionals to support the hoarder during the clean-up.

Disposal and Recycling Costs

Once items are sorted and removed, they need to be disposed of appropriately. This might involve landfill charges or recycling fees. Some items may also require special disposal methods, such as hazardous waste, which adds to the cost.

Restoration Costs

Hoarding often leads to structural damage to the property. Once the house is cleaned, restoration work such as repairing walls, replacing carpets, or treating mold infestations may be necessary. These costs add to the total clean-up expense.

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Choosing the Right Hoarder
House Cleaning Service

Opting for the right professional service is crucial. Look for companies specializing in hoarder clean-ups. These experts understand the emotional challenges involved and adopt a compassionate approach while dealing with such situations.

Potential Savings:
DIY or Partial Professional Help

If the hoarding situation is not extreme, it might be possible to undertake some cleaning tasks yourself. This approach could potentially save on professional fees. However, it is important to ensure that you can handle the emotional and physical toll associated with such a task.

Dealing with Insurance

Some homeowners’ insurance policies cover hoarding clean-up costs. It is advisable to review your policy and discuss it with your insurance provider to understand if such costs can be offset.

Estimating the Total Cost

Due to the multiple factors involved in hoarding cleanups, the total cost to clean a hoarder’s house can range from $300 to $10,000. There really is no definitive answer!

It will depend on the extent of hoarding, the condition of the house, the existence of biohazardous material, the necessary equipment requirements, and the rates of the professional service engaged (hoarding cleaning services). Always make sure you get a detailed estimate before anything is confirmed.

The Emotional Cost

It isn’t always about just money.

Cleaning a hoarder’s house can be significantly emotional.

Hoarding is a very real mental health issue, and the cleanup is often stressful for the hoarder (and potentially their family members). Professional cleaners trained in dealing with such situations can help minimize this emotional cost, but as discussed, this will come at a price.


Understanding the cost to clean a hoarder’s house requires an in-depth analysis of various aspects, including the extent of hoarding, the condition of the property, disposal costs, and potential restoration work.

Working with experienced professionals can ensure an efficient and respectful clean-up process, making the cost a worthwhile investment towards regaining a healthy living environment.

The Alternative To Cleaning…

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