Where do you buy homes or houses?

We actively purchase homes in Illinois and the Greater Chicago area. All you need to do if give us your address, and we’ll let you know. Check out our Google Map to see where we buy houses.

How does the process work?

Our home buying process consists of six simple steps: Contact: Complete the online form to let us know that you are interested in help to “sell my house fast for cash“, or call us directly. Phone [...]

Do you buy homes in foreclosure?

Yes, again, if you are behind in payments or in foreclosure, we can still help! You won’t be the 1st person we have helped with this situation; unfortunately, you will not be the last. We [...]

How do you establish the price?

We establish the price based on the current market conditions, the neighborhood comps, as well as the current condition of the home. Regardless, the offer we give you is free. There is no charge [...]

Do you buy condos?

Yes, we buy condos. There is not really a type of property we won’t consider. The easiest thing is just to ask! – Contact Us with any questions.

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