Can houses be sold for cash? Here’s What You Should Know

You may have seen signs or recently discovered the companies offering homeowners cash-for-cash buyouts fast for their houses and wondered what they were all about and what made them so well-known.

This article will aim to answer some questions you’re likely to have regarding whether houses can be sold for cash.

Can homes be sold for cash?

Yes. This means that the buyer made an initial payment and did not use a mortgage to purchase the home. It is important to note that this doesn’t mean that they paid cash.

Real estate transactions have to be documented by a title firm or real estate lawyer. The money will be paid via cheque. You can pick up your check at the title company or have it delivered directly to you by a mobile notary.

Can houses sold for cashHow does the house-buying process function?

Our procedure is basically four steps.


The process begins when you contact us either by giving us a call or filling out our quick web form. The team will ask you for information regarding your house and arrange an inspection visit.

House Inspection:

Our expert team will inspect your property when you’ve specified.

Receive an Offer:

After we’ve evaluated the condition of your home and assessed other relevant factors, you will get a fair no-obligation cash price for your home.

Closing at Your Most Possibility:

If you decide to accept our offer, one of our team will schedule an end date that works to help you ensure that you move on with your life as quickly as you can.

What is the value in cash of a home?

There are a variety of aspects to be taken into consideration prior to accepting an offer. These include the current market conditions, your home’s condition (including the type of repairs required as well as the amount of time needed to complete the repairs) as well as the selling prices of comparable properties in the area as well as the cost of maintaining your house until it is sold.

Our team will walk you through the offer and describe how we came up with the cash offer.

Are there any fees?

No, you don’t incur any fees or costs when you choose to do business with us. We’ll offer a price on your property for free for you. We’ll also take care of the closing costs as well as legal fees.

How fast can houses be sold for cash?

Selling to I Buy IL is the best choice if you’re facing foreclosure, divorce, financial emergencies, new job opportunities, or simply need to sell your home quickly.

It is up to you to choose when you want to close the deal, but you must keep in mind that most title companies take a few weeks to complete transactions, particularly in busy markets. In the case of your particular situation, closings can take as little as two weeks.

For more information about selling your home quickly, feel free to check out the other posts on our blog.

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